Virtualize our users

Virtualize our users The last decade has been a decade in which we’ve seen IT come from providing a basic desktop and application to organizations to a cloud based dynamic adapting environment. Instead of being limited to an one stop solution for all users todays environments from Citrix and VMware offer so much flexibility to … Read moreVirtualize our users

Speed up that Welcome screen

Windows 7 login Working with Microsoft Windows 7 on a daily basis in project can lead to small but interesting tuning tips. I was working on a project and was slowly getting frustrated with the time I had to wait before, the customer made available computer, would log me in. Every morning it took me … Read moreSpeed up that Welcome screen

Breaking Citrix XenApp Client side rendering

Breaking Flash client side rendering Working on several projects at once you encounter many different issues that are interesting to investigate. Some of those issues however seem to be unknown to Citrix so far. The issue I’m describing below is one of those, when “googling” you find only a few hints towards the same issue … Read moreBreaking Citrix XenApp Client side rendering

Liquidwarelabs Profile Unity

LiquidwareLabs Profile Unity In my line of work with PQR, I’ve come across several products that are used to manage a user environment. Some of them manage the user environment, others manage the user profile and only a few offer both. Profile Unity offers both, in this article I’ll discuss ProfileUnity and give my opinion. … Read moreLiquidwarelabs Profile Unity

User settings for VDI/SBC environments

In new environments we don’t want to use old style profiles, we use some kind of zero profiling technique is possible To be able to do this we have to make sure user settings are preserved correctly. The following list will provide with several useful settings. The list will grow, it’s just a beginning for … Read moreUser settings for VDI/SBC environments