Virtual Desktop Monitoring

Virtual Desktop Monitoring For my work I’m busy with designing, implementing and troubleshooting VDI environments…. I see VDI in this matter as a concept including SBC and all other central desktop solutions. So I downloaded Virtual Desktop Monitoring (Accelratio) to get started… I setup a small environment in a client server kind of way for …
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EdgeSight for XenDesktop

Not being a true Edgesight guru I’m faced with more and more implementations where Edgesight is used to monitor both XenApp and Xendesktop. So again I had to implement EdgeSight for XenDesktop at a customer site, I thought let’s put it on paper and share it with you all. Site information: – Edgesight is version 5.4 …
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Manually Remove a VMware View pool

Manually remove VMware pool VMWare – KB 1031841, 1008658, 1028622 have some information about how to remove virtual machines and clones but not about removal of pools. I encountered this and decided to write a small blog about it. Connect to the Connection server and start Adam-AdsiEdit. Open the connection with the following parameters… Right …
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