TrendMicro DSAFilter_HEAP_MAX_Size

DSAFILTER_HEAP_MAX_SIZE There are more issues occuring with TrendMicro DeepSecurity, issues not related to the vShield driver. I want to mention one of them here, the other one comes later after I verified it really still is an issue. Unreachable servers We experienced random unreachable servers, one minute you would connect to a server the next …
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Provisioning services; following a different route, Cache to RAM

Provisioning services, Cache to RAM At a project we faced issues with streamed Citrix XenApp 6.5 servers and therefore we started to do some testing. These issues were mostly because of to many network printers connecting for each user. When a user would log on they received 40 printers generating 1GB of data on the …
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Virtual Desktop Monitoring

Virtual Desktop Monitoring For my work I’m busy with designing, implementing and troubleshooting VDI environments…. I see VDI in this matter as a concept including SBC and all other central desktop solutions. So I downloaded Virtual Desktop Monitoring (Accelratio) to get started… I setup a small environment in a client server kind of way for …
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Relink ThinApp 4.5 packages for use with View 5 + PCoIP+Smartcard options

Relink ThinApp 4.5 packages for use with View 5 + PCoIP+Smartcard options If you happen to run into a customer with some 4.5 or older ThinApp packages, you will have some issues when you installed the VMware view agent 5 with smartcard PCoIP options enabled. The application package just won’t start, no error no nothing …
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Sharing applications with Citrix XenClient

So here we are again, today I had some spare time that I filled with working on the CSDV smackdown… I decided to setup my demo DELL laptop and share some applications between virtual machine, because who doesn’t want to do that in their spare time….. The documentation about sharing applications is minimal, from page …
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