Passthrough, Adaptive Display & Citrix receiver v13

For a customer we are doing a project like a lot of you are doing, Citrix XenApp and ¬†Xendesktop to enable a centralized virtual environment. The customer asked us to make sure users can logon automatically so that they don’t have to enter their password more than once. This seems to be a daunting task …
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XenClient 2.1 a usability review

Whilest working on the PQR smackdown I will write a small update about XenClient 2.1. I’ve installed XenClient 2.0 about a month before going to Citrix Synergy in Barcelona, the reason for this was to gain knowledge about the product. I was expecting a lot of sessions and discussions about XenClient and didn’t want to …
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VDI – SSO, not so secure….

After the initial post we discovered more security matters that you should keep in mind. !!!! This is not just a VMware issue, this is a issue with all VDI solutions, it’s because we want SSO for our users.!!!!!! The VMware View client has by default a 600 minute time-out in which the user credentials …
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VMware View – PCoIP SSO bug

Hi, Last week we discovered a bug in VMware view. It’s a security breach in the PCoIP protocol that allows any user to override security of locked VMware View desktops. This only happens when using the PCoIP protocol and happens with the 4 and 4.5 version. We’ve tested this in several environments, at customers and …
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ThinApp – AppSync explained

APPSync Explained As most of us know APPSync is the updating mechanisme of ThinApp. It will check with every launch of the application if an update is available on a webserver or a network share. Just came across a video where they explain AppSync in detail. Check it out: APPSync