VMware Horizon View

VMware Horizon 7 – announcement – part II

VMware Horizon 7 – announcement – part II In the first part of the article I wrote about cloud pod architecture, SSO and access point. In this article I briefly want to address the other announcements. AMD Multiuser support with vDGA First one to talk about is the enhanced with AMD hardware for VMware Horizon …
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VMware Horizon view – What, I need to click twice?

VMware Horizon view – Click to get focus This blog will show you an issues with VMware Horizon View that is very irritating to users. At a customer site they are experiencing this issue and the only solution they have at this moment is to revert to RDP where the issue is not appearing. Customer …
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VMworld2015: Access point in-depth

VMworld2015: Access point in-depth  In a previous blog I wrote about VMware Access Point, it was announced at VMworld 2015 in San Francisco. Access Point wasn’t all that new, we knew VMware was working on it for a year or so. In my previous blog I talked about the basic working and what it is doing. …
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VMworld2015: Horizon 6.2 File type association

VMworld2015: Horizon 6.2 File type association At VMworld VMware announced a new version of file type association for Horizon 6.2. File Type association What is file type association? File type association is what Citrix had for years already. When you work with published applications you want them to start when you click on a file that …
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VMware Horizon View: Paired and secured but still the Error

VMware Horizon View: Paired, secured & error I was working on a PoC last days with VMware Horizon View 6 and setup all components for the customers when they asked me to deploy desktop in a sub domain.  The customer is a university and students are not allowed to access any staff resources, wonder why …
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