Disconnect VMwareView VDI session command line

Disconnect VDI session command line This blog will show you how to setup an idle timeout for a VMware View environment to make sure sessions are disconnected after a certain idle time.  Background Several of our customers have redesigned their offices into flexible office where user roam from desk to desk. This offers great flexibility …
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VMware View certificates and thumbprints – Man in the middle issue

VMware View certificates and thumbprints In one of my previous blog-posts I discussed an issue we experienced on a network with VMware View 5.2 and DNS Round Robin. For you that didn’t read that blog-post, here’s the link http://www.robbeekmans.net/uncategorized/vmware-view-certificate-revocation/   This blog will guide you to the resolution to fix that issue. There are more ways to …
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VMware View certificate revocation issues, who's the man in the middle

Who’s the man in the middle? Certificates are a challenge in many environments, when not implemented correctly they can bring misery to expected functionality. This short blog will talk about an issue I had with certificates in a VMware View 5.2 environment. Introduction Before I begin about the issues we ran into I first will …
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VMworld 2013 – End User Computing

VMworld 2013 – EUC Last week VMworld 2013 took place and even though not much was being presented on End User Computing from the session a bit of information came out. This blog will describe the changes ahead with VMware Horizon View. Distributed architecture Today with VMware Horizon View when you have multiple POD’s spread …
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VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop Design (VCAP-DTD) Study notes

VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop Design (VCAP-DTD) First check the blueprints, don’t assume the docs I read are the correct ones, the versions might change. When I took the exam, the 21th of june, 5.1 was the exam version. The exam takes 3,5 hours to complete. It really will take you that much time, …
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