A simple question, what do we call the button with the 3 dots?

Had a question today while writing a user manual that I couldn’t answer straight away. Every time I have a question I can’t find the answer to, I turn to Google, Twitter or my wife (in that order). Today it’s the same, I ask my twitter friends to help me out, together we will find a solution :).


A little background for you to understand my question. I was working with RES Workspace Manager and when talking about printers the customer decided to write a user manual. they have hundreds of printers to be added and will hire someone to do that for them.


The question was, how do you call the button with the three dots?
I looked on the Internet and all I could find was Unnamed button with three dots or The Browse button with the three dots. I’m sure there is a name for this button and if there is none we have to decide how to call it. 
So guys and girls please help me out.
How do we call the button with the three dots?

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