ACE is back in the era of the container

On the 3rd of March VMware announced they launched ACE together with Cisco, Xamarin, Box and Workday. 
They aim to set a standard in mobile application development.
The standards include:
  • Automating the first-time setup experience
  • Securing app connectivity to corporate networks
  • Single sign-on capabilities
  • Allowing access to native apps only on secure, compliant devices
  • Preventing data leakage with a flexible set of security policies
  • Wiping corporate data remotely from lost or stolen device
The site they opened for this is:

How does ACE work in the Enterprise?  They’ve set of the create a few standards that will help developers and user. Apps no longer need to worry about the underlying platform and different SDK for each platform, they intend to create a framework everyone can hook into.

Like they say on the website, most application require a one time setup with e.g. an URL, a user name, Email address or a license key. With a standard framework there is no need to educate user anymore, every app setup looks the same.

 Security policies and access control should work flawless with the EMM solution in place and the OS running. With a framework in place the developer of the app doesn’t need to know anything about the EMM solution, just about the framework and stick to that.

Also connections to the corporate network or backend applications have to be regulated to make sure the apps are secure and data can’t be leaked. Again the developer should work together with the framework and not have to know the details of every platform.

 Last but not least single sign on, same story as before.

I don’t know yet what VMware is planning with this, I just thought it be good to share it with you.

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