Citrix Feature Request: Director

The fun thing about my job is that I see all products and work with all of them. One day it’s VMware Horizon w. View, the next day it’s Citrix XenApp 7.6. It keeps you sharp of flaws in each product.
This blog is about some features that should be added to the director to make it even better. Citrix Director is despite what my initial thoughts were a pretty good tool for managing the Citrix environment. There are some flaws but most of them (I know) I will file here as a feature request.

Feature Request #1

As I mentioned already on Twitter it would really be of great value that you would get data about the session/user concerned when hovering over a bar.
If you look at the picture above you see someone is killing my average logon duration and I want to know why. If I could hover over that bar and get some info of who this user is I could solve it. Now it’s just a bar that walks by.
In the Trend section of Director you sometimes get details below, not because you clicked something but it just there. I would suggest looking at the possibility to add a section that when you click on the bar you get the details below. 
I could go one step further, what if you would actually take us to the users detail page of that session, that would just be awesome and save us many clicks. For that is where we want to be, to see what is going on.

Feature #2

When you surf through the trend section you see a lot of graphs, nice for managers. When you hover or click on the graphs you get some detailing. What is lacking there is the connection between your click and the results shown in the table.
That table is just there, there’s nothing dynamic about it and that’s a pity. What I was looking for was the ability to click on an instance or on a user and see the counterpart by highlighting it. This way I don’t have to read the table and do the math myself.
This sound like a yeah right request for the data is in the table but if it is, why can’t you connect both of them. We are not supporting customers because I like to do debugging, we need to support them and we need data instantly without having to click through 10 screens to connect the data. The data is there, you just need to add the colors and connections. please, pretty please 🙂

Feature request #3

This is about consistency. As I mentioned before the table and the graph are not connected, when you look at the logon graph under trends there is no table. This section should have a table connected or not, but over here a table is gold.
 I left a large piece blank so you see there is nothing hidden there. This graph is nothing more than a management graph is there is no table. No information is gathered from this other than that one user is killing my averages.
Again for the sake of Christmas please add a table here with the data you collected and if you have time between the turkey and the pudding please connect them. 

Feature request #4 – Solved in 7.6

!! This feature has been implemented in 7.6, did a retest and it works.

 Thanks Lisa

There is one more request, When you look at the main screen of director it says the number of sessions connected. Clicking on that number you get the list of user having a session.
At the screen, I think I wrote about it before, you can only log them off or reset the session. I would be so helpful if you could click on the user and be taken to the details page of that user.
These are the four that I came across while debugging a customer environment, I’m sure you did the math and understand that all graphs should be connected to a table.
It’s nearly Christmas and don’t we all hate the mandatory diners, so here’s your escape. I’ll bring the stroopwafels to Summit (or VMworld where ever I catch you first) next time I’m there if you add this , that’s a promise.

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