Citrix receiver Bug with digital camera security 

Update June 10: 

Citrix confirmed that the issue reported here is indeed a bug or a known issue. they are working hard to resolve the issue and it will be fixed in a next release of the receiver. For now you can use my workaround to get your user access to the digital camera.

Short version: You can’t set digital camera security with Receiver 4.2.100.
Workaround: you need to set HKLM settings for receiver to grant access, HKCU settings don’t stick.

Original article

Citrix receiver is the client to connect to your Citrix environment, this is common knowledge. In my project the Citrix receiver is called to execute from a browser handled by ThinKiosk.

I noticed a freaky behavior when users are working with receiver in this environment that I can’t explain. I know why it’s happening but don’t understand what would be the reason for this.
Let me explain so you know what to do when your users report the same issue.


First my environment, it’s a Citrix XenApp 7.5 environment running on Microsoft Hyper-v 2012R2 deployed with Citrix Machine creation services.
The user environment is managed with RES Workspace Manager. The Thin clients (Windows based) are managed with ThinKiosk.
The receiver version used is 4.2.100

The experience

A user will connect to a desktop and logon, this works fine and logon happens around 17-20 seconds, not bad I think.
Next up the user wants to connect a Digital Camera to the thin client to copy photos they’ve taken. So they open the menu bar and click on preferences.
All settings are set to ask me or do not connect, so as we are at it let’s give myself some options. I set all to Connect Automatically and click Apply and OK.

So the Digital Camera setting is set to Connect Automatically, I added a picture to make sure I’m not getting crazy.

As soon as I get back to the preferences screen the setting for Digital Cameras is back to ask me. I’ve also seen this being at Do Not Connect. It doesn’t keep the setting you select.

In the HKLM hive of the Citrix receiver you see that under selective trust it says 0 which means no access. I copied this screenshot from a active client with the issue.
The setting here is the one that will be used no matter what the user will select. 

If you change the setting in the HKLM hive like shown above the setting stays, again the user can’t set it you are in control.
I hear you think so what is the issue?
Well the issue is that the user can change everything in the preferences except the camera and scanner settings. They can change file access,  Microphone and webcam access, preferred webcam but they can’t change if they want a digital camera to connect automatically.
I wonder why this is and if this is some kind of bug? 
I understand that from the HKLM you set defaults, and perhaps with a GPO you set other defaults per user group but why limit one option in the whole stack to be changed?
Any suggestions are welcome.

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