Citrix Storefront upgrade issues with ASP

A quick blog about upgrading to Storefront 2.5 and what to do when things go wrong.
I did an upgrade today and all went well on the storefront side of the upgrade at least.
After a few minutes of waiting I got the message that the upgrade had succeeded, however trying to access the web site resulted in an error that IIS presented me.
After a very long search on what could be wrong, I noticed that somewhere there was a notification that there was something wrong with ASP.NET.
It was also in the error presented but I read over that one already.
So when you are presented the 500.21 error after upgrading Storefront open a command prompt as Administrator and browse to the %windir%Microsoft.NetFrameWork64v4.0.30319 directory.
There you execute ASPNET_REGIIS -i which will install ASP.NEt correctly and fix your issue

It’s a small thing to fix but man it can really stress up your day… storefront is kinda your entry point for all users 🙂
Hope this fix helps you guys out there.

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