Citrix Synergy, a preview and wishlist

Tomorrow Citrix Synergy kicks off, an annual conference hosted by Citrix to show the IT world what they have designed and where they are heading. I haven’t been at Synergy for a couple of years, you will find me at VMworld most of the time. Hopefully one day I’ll be back.
A lot of debate has gone over the Internet about where Citrix stands right now, it’s no secret that the market for Citrix has become more difficult to work in. They were king in delivering desktops and application to users over any connection, any device any time. Still I wake up in the middle of the night hearing that mantra going through my mind… it was a clear message.
They kinda sat back and enjoyed the leadership not noticing that there was another player sneaking up and perhaps in some areas overtaking them….Sure they’ve woken up now and are gearing up to go to battle. 
I for one am looking forward to Synergy, I can’t wait for real Citrix announcements, real bold announcements that make you feel like we did back then when they were king. Sure things they design didn’t always work flawless but they were bold and daring and we love bold and daring.

Synergy 2015

So what will they have at stake for us in 2015? I don’t have a magic ball to look at, neither do I have internal connection that I can call to get the agenda for this year. What I do have, and what you also have in the Citrix Live TV agenda, for the whole conference the TV guide is online. surely from that guide we should be able to derive what is in store for us this year.
So let’s have a look;

  • Enterprise mobility

    • SYN204: Automate Enterprise mobility with XenMobile
    • SYN302, Migrating to XenMobile 10
    • SYN202, mobilize your business with Enterprise mobility as a service
    • SYN301, end to end security with XenMobile
    • SYN303, best practices for deploying end to end management with XenMobile
    • SYN227, virtual mobile infrastructure, 10 things to know

  • Vendor bashing

    • SYN229, Don’t get duped, what you should evaluate when comparing desktop solutions

  • Workplace

    • SYN311, Citrix on Citrix, the internal smart Workplace

  • Netscaler

    • SYN214, What’s new
    • SYN309, What’s new with Netscaler Gateway
    • SYN308, The five newest, coolest Netscaler features
    • SYN216, Why Netscaler is the best front end for Microsoft web sites and apps
    • SYN307, performance of a Netscaler in a combined Xendesktop/Xenmobile environment
    • SYN215, Application visibility for Citrix with Insight Center
    • SYN404, Netscaler gateway with Citrix desktops and apps, a how to

  • XenApp and XenDesktop

    • SYN319, Tech update for XenApp and XenDesktop
    • SYN324, Refresh you basic and advanced HDX knowledge
    • SYN23, What’s new
    • SYN320, Upgrading XenDesktop and XenApp
    • SYN236, Revolutionize remote access to existing physical desktops
    • SYN323, The golden image, provisioning and image updates – Melio
    • SYN228, Getting more out XenDesktop and XenApp monitoring services
    • SYN237, Windows 10 s VDI with XenDesktop receiver on Windows 10
    • SYN411, Succesfully migrating to XenApp 7.6
    • SYN412, Faster deployments XenDesktop deployment wizard and streamed VM wizard

  • Storefront

    • SYN417, Storefront Powershell documentation deep dive

  • AppDNA

    • SYN232, get the most out of AppDNA for app migrations and updates

  • ShareFile

    • SYN401, Top ten ShareFile enterprise features IT teams can’t live without

  • Receiver

    • SYN321, Technical deep dive on Receiver

  • Cloud

    • SYN217, Workspace cloud for enterprises, a technical overview
    • SYN105, Leverage Citrix workspace cloud

  • Business

    • SYN102, Best practices BYOD,CYOD etc.
    • SYN238, Nex-Gen security
    • SYN231, Cost and complexity
    • SYN101, learn why companies choose Sharefile to meet data security requirements
    • SYN211, Securing you  next-gen dynamic datacenter
    • SYN218 Agile delivery and lifecycle

  • Sponsored

    • SYN109, converged systems available for XenDesktop and XenApp
    • SYN212, Learn about Cisco software defined networking
    • SYN318, Terminal server versus VDI, 2015 edition – Brian Madden.
Well it’s enough to keep you busy that for sure, I’ve highlighted the session I’m interested in.
I think no one is surprised with this list, much time goes into mobility, XenDesktop, XenApp and Netscaler. All the other subject are given less attention. There are some that should perhaps be under the business section but I didn’t read all the session experts.
I’m rewinding my thoughts about a discussion I had on Twitter with Andy and about the fact that Citrix is far behind on UEM these days. In the guide here there is no hint what so ever that this is changing. Perhaps they will announce something in the keynotes but so far I don’t see any session that is different than the past years. So on my wishlist is that they announce something regarding UEM, like they bought Profile Unity, AppSense or RES Workspace Manager.
Enjoy Synergy and share information if you have so we can all learn from you.
If you want to see these live coverage’s, check them out here.

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