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Citrix like any company today is looking for cloud solutions, at Synergy last year and surely this year again many sessions will have topics related to Cloud. Glenda Canfield an long time expert in IT interviews Juan Rivera VP of XenApp/XenDesktop devolopment and product management in her latest podcast.
To give you a small indication of the topics, here is an example. Listen to the podcast the get up to speed with Citrix’s plans for the future in clouds with XenApp and XenDesktop.
You find the direct link here.
The task of the XenApp/XenDesktop team is turning XenApp and XenDesktop into a complete cloud service. The current title, Citrix Workspace Cloud, is the umbrella term for multiple cloud services within Citrix’s product catalogue, including Windows apps, XenApp, XenDesktop, mobile, and data.
Many already have a cloud offering, but XenApp/XenDesktop does not have a collective cloud solution, and there’s some confusion because XenDesktop as a cloud service already exists.
The hybrid cloud was talked about at the last Synergy conference, and it was covered at a high level. Citrix feels it’s key to the company’s strategy. The concept of having data on-premises and off-premises because of the ShareFile acquisition is based in large part on allowing users to store data in the cloud or on customer-managed storage zones on-premises, in the customer’s own data center.
ShareFile is a privatized version of Dropbox or OneDrive, owned by Citrix. It lets administrators leverage storage zone collectors. Say you have data in OneDrive or Dropbox. As long as you have the pass-thru authentication setup with Dropbox, all data is available to you at any time. You can see your consumer-based Dropbox data and your private company data in ShareFile’s interface as one data store, with one console and one login.
Glenda Canfield is an expert in IT with over 20 years experience, listen to her podcasts here.

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