Citrix X1 mouse… a quick look

I got my hands on a Citrix X1 mouse today, I’ve seen tweets for a while already about but never got one myself. Finally Citrix did send me one so let me write about my experience.
Its a small blog with a hands on report of my first-x1-mouse-experience.


First let take a look at the looks, the mouse is still a prototype so the mouse isn’t the fanciest to look at. Had several people pointing out today that they didn’t like the design, explained it’s a prototype. I also heard that the new mouse is a more stylish black one. But let”s get back to the topic, it sounds like a women magazine when we discuss looks to much 🙁

The mouse has a Bluetooth connect button and a switch on/off button like you would expect. Nothing fancy just as expected. Main thing important for a mouse is…. that it works.

So I followed the guide, downloaded the X1 receiver from the appstore and connected the mouse. I worked instantly but then again I didn’t expect differently.

As you can see the mouse is connected to my iPad and within the x1 Receiver the X1 mouse is enabled. So ready to work with it.

Working with the mouse

So after the setup lets try if we can work with the mouse on my iPad on my Citrix lab, I entered the url in the receiver (had no option for Storefront so I chose Web-interface instead). and the web page opens.

I have one resource available in my lab and that’s desktop so let’s start that one up and play around.

Once I’m logged on to the desktop you notice some “buttons” in the corners of the screen. They are made there for ease of access. You can see the mouse pointer on the screen already, yes the mouse is working.

I clicked on the start menu button and the start menu opens, it’s pretty swift to work with and you can browse through the application, documents and so on.

When I open My computer I get access to my drives, opening my C drive show the folders there. It’s nothing fancy but it works like expected and to be fair it pretty damn nice to work with the mouse like this.

I’ve always was reluctant to work with  Citrix session from a mobile device other than a laptop. I found it to much of a hassle to access all features and only used the iPad for accessing an application no and them.
With the x1 mouse the experience to work with a full blown desktop is almost like working on a laptop. I have to say Citrix has done a pretty nice job with this mouse, now get your act together and get more of these niceties on the market… we love you doing stuff like this 🙂

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