Just a short blog about today’s events at VMworld in San Francisco.
After we all got over the earthquake last night and noted that the city didn’t get hit, we moved on with a partner day. The partner day is a pre-VMworld day for partners, several sessions regarding visions are being held as well as a partner keynote.
From these sessions we get some information about announcements but they’re keen enough to keep any good one until VMworld, we can’t spoil their party.
Today was such a partner day and I attended the end user computing sessions, there were two sessions in total. One session was about Horizon 6 and Cisco UCS and the other one was about the EUC vision.
The first session didn’t tell anything new and was more a validation of the cooperation of both companies. serveral example implementations were being shown and discussed. The session didn’t provide any new information.
The second session was a vision session where VMware told about their vision and the product they aquired the last 12 months. The picture show the products from left to right with of course the acquiring of Cloudvolumes showing last.
With each acquirement they spoke about the importance of it and why they acquired it. Unfortunately it didn’t go as deep as you would want to but that will come in the next days.
To cut this blog post short, nothing was really announced during the session, we got hints and so on but no hard announcements.
During the Q&A I asked about the licensing of Airwatch, which is device based. I asked why in a world where people have multiple devices you don’t have a per user license as their big competitor does. I know that they do have a user license but it’s not on the price list, so how’s that?
The answer was that when they started out a per device license worked out and that as time went by they now see growth towards more customers asking about the per user license. Again no hard yes or no but hey got some Airwatch sessions coming up so I’ll ask again.
Question where asked about printing, graphics and local client drives and all I got from that was that we should wait for the announcements. Printing is one part were Citrix is far ahead of VMware but don’t forget they’ve been fighting that race since end ’90s. We all sweared at Citrix once in those days, used to do a lot of Citrix then and printing was always a living hell. So Let’s see what VMware is bringing us the next days and I’ll get back to you.
Hope you’re having a good one…


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