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I’ve been talking about end to end monitoring and chain monitoring for a few years now. I think it’s important that beside implementing the new and hot because you like sexy stuff you also guard that your end users never experience down time or issues.
Every environment one time or the other will experience an issue, a disk that fills up, a backup that stops working, a service crash a bug… always that bug. You can’t fight against issues but what you can do is implement systems that give an early warning. 
With those early warnings you can solve the issue before it reaches the end user, that’s the next big challenge in IT.. no more new and hot, first get your management in order.
To help you with this, eG Innovations created a great new mobile app that connects to their end to end monitoring system. Now even when you are on a holiday or visiting your family in law you have to ability to see what is happening and take action.
Let me show you what it looks like… This is the next hot thing to have when you manage an environment.

Mobile app

So lets assume you are a Citrix administrator and you’re dying to know, all day long, what the launch time is for your end users.
First install the eG App on your iOS or Android device…
Google App store :
Apple store:

Like many apps you get the push question and of course with monitoring you want push notifications.
So click on Yes and head on to the data.

Once you logged on to your environment you will see all components that you have configured in your eG Innovations environment. Instantly you see the Green/Yellow/Red or Blue signs that give a clear status. Something is going on with Storefront and the emulated client. The emulated client is a process to test the connectivity on a regular bases so you know when something is wrong with connecting to your Citrix desktop.

As I said there is something wrong with Storefront, so let’s click on that one and dive in. There is one Storefront server configured and it’s giving issues. So let’s take a look.

The issue we are seeing is with the Storefront services and so we have to go deeper and deeper in the system. Think about this, your have to watch a daft TV show with your wife and your are actually deep diving in your environment solving an issue, how cool is that… I just saved you evening, who cares about The voice of, this is our interest.

The last one we get to is Common resources, once we open that we see the real issue… okay I won’t stop you with a lot of text, go on.

The Common resources are the measurements like ICA Lauch call, Average time and that kind of stuff. Very interesting for the averages have to be low enough to keep your end users happy.

When we click on the ICA Launch average time we see a graph that show the averages over a period of time. You can specify the time period from 1hr to 12hrs, so you can troubleshoot and see if the issue was there before or just appeared.

When extending it to 3hrs you see the graph like here below. Of course the troubleshooting doesn’t stop here, from here you would go to the emulated client and see which step in the process is doing this. I think for now you have a good idea of what is possible.

As you can see you can drill down to any metric or measurement as you would be able to in the real system, just now you can do this from you couch on your mobile phone. 
I think eG Innovations has created a nifty tool to make our lives a lot easier, now we just have to implement end to end monitoring to be able to use this tool ..

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