Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress

It’s time to move on, on to my own space… where years ago I came from.
I’ve been on blogger for some time and even though Blogger is fine platform I still like the idea of controlling everything myself like I used to.
So it’s all setup and ready to go, I’m waiting to get my hosting party to switch one more thing before I’m happy. I’m moving to my own domain again,
I think you wonder why .net and not .nl or .com?
That’s fairly simple, all names I could think of that would be related to me are taken, like etc etc.. The name Beekmans is pretty common where I live so there are several companies with that name, also Rob is an awful common name here so adding both up, .net was the best choice.
Some suggested .cool or .info but I think they are not for IT related sites…
When will I move, well two things will need to be done before that;
  • Hosting party needs to make sure this domain is primary. Another domain still is, so that needs to be replaced somehow (the’ve party so to say)
  • I have to make sure everyone going to is redirected to
Once those things are done, we’re good to go.
You won’t notice the change… that’s my goal. 🙂
Hope to see you there 🙂

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