Hyper-V management: Placement path of track

A quick blog about placement paths in Microsoft Hyper-V.
In a current project we had one host where the virtual machines were placed in ProgramData instead of the local FusionIO drive called X:.
The local disk (C:ProgramData) is a SAS disk and so it’s freaking slow. Deployment of Citrix servers in a catalog was slow, so slow it would time out often.
At first I noted that the marks where active for placement on all disk, so also for the C: disk. I changed that one thinking that would be enough, if you tell management that the disk is not available why would it place a server there.
Deploying a new server I noticed that it was deployed to the C: disk, after it timed out a few times.

Available for placement

Placement paths

So I looked further in the console and there was another location called placement paths in for the host properties.
There also the C:ProgramData location was listed even though I removed the mark in the other screen. I thought (assumption bla bla) that once I remove the mark that the path here would be removed or disabled. 
So after removing the path here and leaving only X:Hyper-V servers are deploying fine.

I’m not a Hyper-V guy and this all seems obvious but I find myself clicking around a lot to find certain settings. I thought I share this info so you don’t feel like a fool also after you found this.
Have a great day

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