KBB2993651 breaks Hybrid profiling

A short blog to remind you of a Microsoft hotfix that will break your solution if deployed.
We’re using hybrid profiles as described by @IngmarVerheij for it’s the easiest way to manage profiles, you don’t have to do anything.
We noted that the profiles we’re not deleted so first you check if your scripts are running, the scripts that make the local profile a guest profile. The scripts run but there is one folder remaining in the profile that keeps the profile from deleting.

The dates behind the folders should be the same for most of them, there should never be a huge difference between them for we delete all profiles on log off and servers are rebooted daily.

When we opened the folder and looked for hidden files we noted this one popping up. Acrobat is killing my profiles. 
Searching the Internet for a minute shows there is one hotfix from Microsoft that has been causing much issues in the past, including this one.
This customer has WSUS in place but they allow all patches to be installed without verifying their working or risk. This patch was installed on the golden images and spread to the Citrix farm from their. You can image the issues we had.

The hotfix to cause all this is: KBB2993651
Removing this hotfix solved the profile deleting issues. Just thought I let you know.

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