Liquidware Labs Profile Unity 6.5 beta

One of the key players of UEM solutions in the US and UK are set to bring out a new version of their product. Profile Unity is available for beta testing.  New features in version 6.5 are:

  • Profile disk whereas you can designate a VHD or VMDK for the user profile. This disk is mounted to speed up delivery of the user profile. Just-in-time delivery of user profiles is coming to us.
  • FlexApp supports more platforms and solutions than before, with the 2.0 version it makes a great combination with Profile Unity, one in a kind in the UEM world.
  • Point and click automated clustering, removing the requirement for network load balancers or external database clusters.

  I haven’t had the chance to do a test drive myself but if you want to see how they compared to others in previous releases, please check out our smackdown here.
Sign up for the beta here

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