Manually remove VMware pool

VMWare – KB 1031841, 1008658, 1028622 have some information about how to remove virtual machines and clones but not about removal of pools.

I encountered this and decided to write a small blog about it.

Connect to the Connection server and start Adam-AdsiEdit.

Open the connection with the following parameters…

Right click on the “My Connection” and open a new Query.

Create a search to find the pool you want to remove.

Search : (&(ObjectClass=pae-pae-ServerPool)(name=poolname))

After you find the pool, you see that perhaps a number of desktops is still registered with this pool. These laptops need to be removed from first. Create a search on the Server OU to find these desktops. Replace the VM name with the desktop names you’re searching for, wildcards are permitted.

Search: (&(objectClass=pae-VM)(pae-displayname=VDI-TEST*))

After you found the desktops and deleted them (make sure you got the right ones).

Now you can remove the pool you found in the first search.

After this you only need to follow one more step, You need to compare the Applications OU with the Server group OU and remove the differences. Only compare the pae-Desktop Application entries with the pae-ServerPool entries.

After the entries from the Server Group and the Applications have been removed, you can restart the web browser and you’re good to go.

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