Microsoft Lync 2010 on Citrix XenApp 6.5 measurements

In a previous blog I wrote about how to install Microsoft Lync 2010 on a Citix XenApp server. The reason for this was that it was an issue to get this to work. Read my previous post on

This blog will continue from where we left off, in the previous blog we talked about the performance impact and how setting it up the right way relieves the server from the performance hit.

This short post will show you some test results.

The Setup

The tests were done with a HP T610 client with Windows Embedded running.
The server environment is a Citrix Xenapp 6.5 SBC environment.
The RAMdisk of the TC was increased from 128MB to 512MB to achieve these results.
One thing to mention is that we didn’t test fullscreen.

Test results

Video conference

The graphs below shows a test where video conference was being used, so this was the impact on the network while having a video conference.


Sharing a youtube movie with the one you are calling has a bigger impact on the network than just a video call as expected. The impact on the network is shown in the graph below. The scales are the same as the graph shown above.


When sharing a PowerPoint with someone else there was a slight spike noticed but overall the network impact wasn’t that high. even with multiple users having Lync calls and sharing stuff the network impact was mildly.

Video conference

As shown in the top graph video conferencing just had a slight network impact. This graph shows the impact of video conferencing like above but then zoomed in.


The client side rendering with the Citrix HDX optimization pack for Microsoft Lync on Citrix XenApp works when implemented correctly. We now measured the network impact to see if it had severe impact on the network, which it didn’t. The server still didn’t have much work to do, the impact there as neglect-able. 
For a final test we decreased the network bandwidth on the TC (which is possible on Windows Embedded). The decreased bandwidth didn’t change the test result at all, the results are still fine.

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