Microsoft Office Excel 2013 and Sharepoint integration

I work a lot with Microsoft Sharepoint, it keeps my files in a central place and gives me the opportunity to reinstall my laptop any time I like.  So with a co-worker we are working on a document that is stored in the MySite folder of our Sharepoint environment.

The document link is shared with at least one other co-worker. If you want to open documents from Sharepoint you have to add the location in Microsoft Excel as a “Trusted” location. So I did.

I went back to Sharepoint and clicked the Microsoft Excel sheet. The integration between Sharepoint and Microsoft Excel is, even though the location is trusted, not working from a Sharepoint point of view. Opening a Microsoft Excel sheet from a trusted location gives the error as shown below. Mind you this happens when you open it from SharePoint.

When however you go to Microsoft Excel and open it from there, there is not problem whatsoever.  It looks like the call from Sharepoint is looking at other things and is not 100% working with Microsoft Office 2013 at this moment.

It’s no big deal, just something you have to keep in mind. I thought it might come in handy for all off you that will try out Microsoft Office 2013 and still have an old Sharepoint implementation in the office.

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