My VMworld agenda

This VMworld is my third San Francisco VMworld and I’m looking forward to it.
As with every event I’m going to I make a list of vendors, topics and people. I rather come prepared and not be the tourist, hopping from one booth(babe) to the next.
Last VMworld not much happened in the EUC field and I was obligated to visit all the storage vendors.
This year however VMware has made sure that there is plenty going on in the EUC world.
So my agenda for this year is:
  • Horizon View 6 developments; we started of with a nice clean product partly an upgrade from 5.3 and partly new features with application publishing. The later one is missing several features at this moment and I’m curious on the time frame to see them being added.
  • Cloud POD; With Horizon View 6 the ability to deploy multiple a View environment over multiple data centers was introduced. If you look at the feature it’s technical solution right now that is missing the GUI integration in the console. Someone who is managing the environment could be mistaken and think no entitlements have been set for they are not being displayed. I’m wondering on developments and a road-map for this feature.
  • Provisioning RDS servers: Horizon View 6 has the ability to deploy a RDS farm to publish applications or a full desktop. This is all very nice but one thing it lacks from a management point of view it the ability to manage the RDS hosts. Everybody who worked with SBC/RDS environments know that server get dirty and dirty servers will create support tickets. You need to have a way to clean that server and get them all on one line again. Wondering if they have a road-map on how to solve this, perhaps use Cloudvolumes or Mirage for this. 
  • Airwatch has been acquired: With acquiring Airwatch VMware entered the mobile market, Wondering what the roadmap of integration is as they said in May at some meeting it might take some time.
  • Mirage: I took several looks at mirage and I see potential in some use cases I come across with our customers. Now with Cloudvolumes also becoming part of the VMware family I’m curious how they see the integration of these products and the use cases. There are several overlaps in functionality, not on technique but on functionality. Even while typing I can think of so many other questions, but I’ll leave them for the booths and the sessions.
  • Cloudvolumes: Well last but not least Cloudvolumes is a VMware product now. Interested in what VMware’s intentions are with the product and for which segments it is intended. Possibilities seems endless and use cases are easy to think of. did a blog earlier today about Cloudvolumes so read all about it there, will try to find more info while at VMworld, but than again who isn’t.
That’s mostly what I’ll be after, of course I’ll be visiting the storage vendors, monitoring vendors and everybody else with cool techniques. Did a recap on version 6 of eG innovations yesterday, read it here. also take a look at Liquidware labs Profile Unity and there new version, read my blog here.
Have to pick up some vExpert stuff (remembering these kind of things is hardest for me) from companies that are friendly enough to give us a gift. Thanks for that, never turn down a good sweater or emergency phone battery.
Hope to see you there and if we have the time we can discuss any topic at hand.
I’m the guy with the Citrix bag (Why? it’s my trusted bad and nothing better has been offered so far).

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