MCS Updating & PowerState unknown issue Citrix Studio

This blog is a blog post to help me solve an issue that I’m experiencing in a current environment.  I hope to get it solved and will add the solution to this post as well.
I have a case open with Citrix to solve this issue so any progress there will be added to the post, keep looking here for the whole story.

Solved!!!!!! – the issue is solved but I’ll leave the blog open so that you all can learn from my mistake of checking all components.

The environment

First let’s take you through the environment and don’t hesitate to shout to me that I done something stupid and you know how to solve my issue…. stroopwafels on me if you find my issue 🙂
The environment is a Citrix XenApp 7.5 Advanced environment.
We have 2 controllers running, 2 storefront servers and 8 XenApp hosts.
It’s a small environment as you can see.
Hosting is done on VMware vSphere 5.1.0
I’ve created a role and a user to accommodate in provisioning the servers for the users.
We are using Machine creation service because with the advanced license that’s all that’s available.

The case

What we are experiencing is that when we do an update of the catalog the machines are not updated.
What I see when I do an update is the following
  • A snapshot of the virtual machine is created.
  • The base disk is copied to the datastore
  • A XenApp preparation virtual machine is created.
  • The preparation virtual machine is powered on
  • The preparation virtual machine is reconfigured
  • The preparation virtual machine is deleted.
After this nothing happens.
In the logging of the console I see the following
The update is successful but when looking further I notice there is an error reported… but if this is severy I’m not sure.. it says successful on the task in the end. 

With updating you have two options
I’ve chosen both of them and they have the same effect, after MCs is ready with the preparations the show stops.
The environment works fine, users are testing and I don’t see any disturbing event errors in the eventviewer.
Another issue I see and I think is related is that the powerstate of the machine is always shown as “Unknown”.
I’ve seen some blog posts and a Citrix KB where they fixed this with changing the XML port but that was because they had XML errors in the event viewer which I don’t see.


At this moment I’m stuck with a non-functional MCS updating process and a powerstate that’s unknown. I’m pretty sure they are related but with no errors in logs it’s hard to debug.
I’m not keen to run Scout at this point for it crashed my environment last week creating so logging. 
Any thought are welcome…

Update 09-04-14:19

We did a check and noticed that the vCenter server was not up to 5.1 U1. The hosts which we checked were already at U2. Stupid of course that we didn’t check it but with 7.1 we never had any issue.
The vCenter server is updated and instantly the powerstate of the machines is back in Studio. One issue solved. I changed the image and will do an update right now… keep you posted.

Update 90-04-14:26

Did an update of the machine catalog after the customer updated vCenter to 5.1U1 and the update goes fine.. DAMN how I now hate myself for not checking every component, I checked the hosts and assumed everything else was at the same level.
Lessons learned for me… Thanks all for thinking with me.

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