Relink ThinApp 4.5 packages for use with View 5 + PCoIP+Smartcard options

If you happen to run into a customer with some 4.5 or older ThinApp packages, you will have some issues when you installed the VMware view agent 5 with smartcard PCoIP options enabled.

The application package just won’t start, no error no nothing just a dead application. The way to solve this is to repackage the application with ReLink .

Start a command prompt (cmd) and browse to C:program filesvmwarevmware thinapp

  • Type the following command: “relink.exe c:applicatiename.exe” and hit <enter>.

In this example WinRar was used to test if our idea was correct.

The picture above shows the screen you see after ReLink is ready with injecting the new instructions in to the application. The size of the application package will have grown a bit with this action.
As you can see the old package was 6.280KB and the new pacakge is 6.336KB, a small increase in size. The new executable is ready for use.

If you have more than one application you need to repackage, you can use another command to do this automatically for all application packages in a folder. Use the command below to preform this.
Relink.exe –recursive C:mypackages
Mypackages is the location of all the ThinApp packages.

The screenprint above shows the folder with the old pacakges and executables. The screenprint below is the result after ReLink has been run.

It’s a simple solution but very effective, if you run into this issue it might make you wonder for a while. Now you know how to solve it fast and easy.

Thanks to Chris for doing all the testing.

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