Office 2013 and Sharepoint 2007/2010

At PQR we run Sharepoint 2010 to store all our project documentation centrally, this works well for every consultant has access to the same information all the time.

In the old days you had Groove, then we used Sharepoint Workspaces… neither were really helpfull but the later one most of the time did the job. We had access to an offline copy of the documents when needed.

Office 2013

Now we have Office 2013 and now we are faced with the fact that SharePoint workspaces is gone….

SharePoint Workspaces has been replaced by SkyDrive Pro, hmm that’s something for a name change, like we all are going to use Skydrive.  It took me a few minutes to realize that this replaced SharePoint Workspaces.

Setup a sync

As said before we need our project files locally… Microsoft must have had a different idea by that for it seems we have to reorganize to work with Office 2013. They have changed the way you sync files with Sharepoint, I’ll tell you more about it in this blog.

In the system tray you find SkyDrive Pro

When you choose “Sync a new library” you can add a Sharepoint site to be synced. I’ve removed the actual address for obvious reasons but you get the hang of it.

SkyDrive gives you an overview of libraries available.. select one to be synced.

At this moment I was hoping that I would be gettings a dialog to select a folder, but that wasn’t happening. The sync began right away… so fingers crossed and let’s see where it brings us.

When the syncing is done, you have the option to open the files directly.

Perhaps you also see what is happening, if not hold on…

I opened the library  and checked out the synced files… they were all there.

Still holding on, here it comes..

I noticed that the libraries from one project were in different folders (or should I say libraries??) They are not grouped under the project. I tried to change things somehow but I didn’t find a nice way to do this.. perhaps there is a rough way but I didn’t go there for this is was work related.


There is something else that is freaky … You noticed also I guess that the number of characters in the name is 25 (if I counted right).

If you look at the picture below you see that the Sharepoint site has actual names there. SkyDrive Pro cuts of the name. so we have the customer name and a little bit of the library name.. That’s gonna be nasty with long customer names. Let’s try that out.

I did some testing and it seems that it will cut the customer name at 19 characters. It then   adds a space a minus and another space before it will add three characters of the sharepoint library. I personally don’t like this feature, I don’t like to guess names. Since some years we don’t have a limitation to file or folder names so why start using short names now. Really interested in Microsoft’s view on this.


Stop syncing

Of course after a while after you stopped working for a project  or it’s finished you want the sync to be stopped also.

Again go to the System Tray and click “Stop syncing a folder…”

All the libraries you selected to be synced are displayed there, again not by customer or project but by individual library..

After you select a library you will get a nice warning if you are sure to do this.

Click “YES” if you want to stop syncing or “NO” if you changed your mind.

Context menu

In the context menu a SkyDrive Pro item is added… it’s grayed out by default. I haven’t checked if it will be enabled when you sync one folder.

In the picture above the menu item is already enabled… did the change already. I found this solution before I went to work with Skydrive Pro. Credits for this hack go to here;

Short version, go to HKCRAllFilesLaunchSyncCenterSPFS.ContextMenu and clear the value in “CommandStateHandler”.

Next go to HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionExplorerCommandStoreShell You will see four entries there, one being SPFS.BrowseOnsharePoint.

If you clear the CommandStateHandler value the item becomes enabled in the context menu.


If you click on Browse on SharePoint you are taken to the Sharepoint site.


We’ll it’s a short insight in how to use Microsoft Office 2013 with Sharepoint 20xx, I surely will miss Sharepoint workspaces where I had an overview of projects and could open a project to see the libraries..


12-09-2012… the day after

The day after I setup SkyDrive Pro I had to write a technical design.. like I do so many days.

Working in Microsoft Word 2013 I was forced to use “Save-As” for the document I was editing was not in out Company style and after converting it, the name changed to doc1.


Clicking on “Save-As” and chose “Browse” I noticed something that I didn’t expect to see.

I entered our sharepoint site on a higher level than expected. I just added three project libraries to be synced and never told Office to use our project site as a location. I expected Word to save to the local folder and sync it from there to Sharepoint. Somehow the integration is set after you create your first sync,.

Below you see that I was able to browse all project, also the ones that are not open for me. I haven’t selected them to see if I can enter them but formerly I just had a list of projects I was assigned to.. that was a whole lot easier… imho.






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