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Working with Microsoft Windows 7 on a daily basis in project can lead to small but interesting tuning tips.

I was working on a project and was slowly getting frustrated with the time I had to wait before, the customer made available computer, would log me in. Every morning it took me at least one and a half minute before my desktop was available. I know that might seem fast but I can’t stand waiting, so I got annoyed with watching “Welcome” on the screen that long.


What happens at that point?

Most people will not think twice when they wait for the Welcome screen to change into the desktop but I wonder what actually is happening.

So to figure that out I changed the VerboseStatus to 1 (DWord).

You can set at:


Now you can see what is happening at logon and logoff… Love it!


User Profile service

When you add the VerboseStatus key and add the value one to it you will see that you’re waiting for the “User Profile service”. I’m sure some of you wonder what that is.

First thing that comes to mind is, hey I have a large profile and now I have to pay for it. That could be it… that would be easy.

In my situation it wasn’t about profiles, we have a local profile for the workstations for they will be redirected to a central VDI/SBC desktop directly afterwards.

Users will never see anything locally and there for don’t need any profile there or for what it matters anywhere.  Also, because of the redirect to VDI/SBC, users don’t need a homefolder either. All they need is a browser to kick in. So there was no reason for anyone to wait for a network related folder.

So we excluded profiles from being the troublemaker.

The Reason

Microsoft Windows 7 will wait for the network, homefolder or profile to be available. Windows does this a bit too long just to make sure everything is ready when you see the desktop.

Is this a default setting?

Windows has a default setting to wait for a number of seconds, 30-45 second I think, to wait for a connection. Of course if your network is crappy you might let the value as it is.

Networks we build or work with are reliable and connection is established within seconds.

Setting the value

On the local computer or in a central GPO you can set the value to control how long Windows has to wait for the network related stuff. The setting is to be found at “Computer configurationAdministrative TemplatesSystemUser Profile”

In the example below I had set the timeout to 0, Man my computer was fast after that with logon.. Downside was that my network connection was not available at that moment, I was a bit to quick.


I changed it at the customer site to 5 seconds, with that vaule we had all network connection available. As mentioned before users didn’t need homefolders, profiles etc locally all they needed was a network connection to reach the VDI/SBC environment.

The local registry setting can also be set to do some testing…

So Changing this value to 5 seconds speed up the logon. Total logon time took less than 7 seconds. This includes logging in, starting the webbrowser and logging into the Citrix Web Interface.

After this user can logon to a VDI or SBC desktop…which will take another 18 seconds.

I think that’s not so bad for a user environment…

To see the end result click on the link


Just thought I should share this with you guys….. hope it helps.



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