Teradici PCoIP bandwidth calculator

Working on a design you need input from the customer and you need a tool to calculate how much bandwidth is needed to implement the solution. Calculation bandwidth or sizing in general is the hardest part of a design for there are many factors that remain uncertain, one being the users behavior. 
I was looking for a PCoIP bandwidth calculator and stumbled upon MyVirtualCloud.net where a reference was listed to a calculator. The link however was dead so I decided to write a very short new blog with the updated link.
Teradici uses a spreadsheet to calculate and in that spreadsheet a table is integrated with user scenario’s and settings. This is your start, if you can’t think of user scenario’s don’t do the math because it like a dice then.
I cut the table in two, so the first picture is the first half of the table and the second picture is the second half (I hid the first rows).

As you can see the bandwidth needed is depending on the functionality used and the way they work. If everyone is using two monitors and watching video at 1080p all day long your bandwidth will go sky high. 
Once you have this figured out you know how many users are in one scenario and how many in others. Do the math per group and calculate what that group needs, use the spreadsheet (second tab) to calculate for you.
There are two calculations, one is to determine if the bandwidth available is sufficient and the other is to determine the bandwidth needed. So depending on your situation you choose one or the other.
Above is the later one, determine the bandwidth that is needed. You fill in what you just figured out and it’ll tell you what is required. It’s nice to play around with the number, it gives a good understanding of the impact of video and usb.
So last but not least the link to the excel sheet at the Teradici site (better to get it there for it might be updated) but as a fallback on my Google Drive also.

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