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A while ago VMware bought Immidio to add more User Enviroment Managment capabilities to the Horizon suite. Immidio was the obivious choice for VMware to buy, it adds just that much functionality to become a major asset for VMware without VMware buying a whole suite and stripping it. RES or Appsense would have not have made sense.
On April the 23th VMware’s Harry Labana will announce VMware’s Workspace Environment Management solution. Surely they are talking about Immidio and will announce, among other things, the new name for Immidio in the VMware product line, let’s call it VMware UEM for now.
We had a demo last week of Immidio and the features it offers and despite the fact that I work a lot with RES products I have to say it’s a pretty neat product. VMware surely did a great job adding it to the family. I add so much more functionality to your user environment than persona management did and which many real UEM features it’s surely worth to take a look at. The exact integration in VMware’s products and what they will do with Persona management will be discussed.

Topics discussed will be :

  • Naming
  • Licensing
  • Persona Management
  • Time line
If you are interested in the differences in features between VMware UEM and the other UEM solutions, read our smackdown at :
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If you want to read more about the upcoming webinar or the acquisition of Immidio look at the following blogs:
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I’m looking forward to this webinar, interested to hear what they are announcing… 

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