Visit my Sponsors at VMworld

VMworld is close, just a few days and 23000 visitors are travelling the globe to join one of the largest IT conferences around. If you are one of them I’m sure your agenda is filled until the last minute. 
I’m also sure you will visit the floor to walk by the vendors there, picking up gadgets to give your kids. If you do, please do visit my sponsors for they offer interesting products and solutions and are worth a visit. You won’t be disappointed.
I got three sponsors for my blog, always room for more 🙂 
No particularly order:
  • ControlUp
  • Liquidware Labs
  • eG Innovations

A small word about all three of them, problem is that I don’t want to put them in any order for that would look like one is more important than the other, which is not. the quotes are taken from their web sites. Visit them and be amazed, say I said hi.


“ControlUp was founded by Sysadmins for Sysadmins. Providing you with an intuitive and exceptional experience, ControlUP makes finding and solving common and complex IT issues a snap. 

Not sure where to look first when monitoring your VDI environment? Not to worry, the ControlUp dashboard is an organized, high-performance grid that allows you to search and sort through a multitude of views including folders, hosts, computers, sessions, processes, user accounts and executables.

With a click of a button you can easily sort, group, filter, search, and customize the information letting you deep-dive in real-time. Quick zoom-in/zoom-out capabilities allow you to drill down into areas that are most important to you.” 

You’ll find them at booth # 2629

eG Innovations

eG Enterprise offers intelligent performance monitoring and automated correlation of all performance dependencies – from the end user to the application virtualisation and underlying infrastructure – and helps you quickly and precisely diagnose performance bottlenecks, restore user experience and right-size your IT infrastructure.
eG Enterprise is the only intelligent application performance monitoring solution that delivers automatic diagnosis proactive alerts and complete performance visibility across dynamic IT environments.

You’ll find them at booth # 440

Liquidware Labs

“Liquidware Labs™ is an industry leader and pioneer in desktop virtualization solutions for next-generation physical and virtual desktops, including VMware View®, Citrix® XenDesktop, Red Hat® and Microsoft® Windows®. The company’s innovative and award-winning products include Stratusphere™ FIT and Stratusphere™ UX  for desktop visibility; ProfileUnity™ with FlexApp™ and FlexDisk™  for desktop portability; and Flex-IO which supports IOPS acceleration in non-persistent VDI environments”

You’ll find them at booth # 2630

If you wonder about other vendors and their location, go to this link and search.

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