VMware App Volumes 3.0

Today VMware released App volumes 3.0 a major release that shows the determination of VMware to work on their EUC portfolio. I’m glad they didn’t acquire anything but are working hard to integrate and expand the products they have.
I’ll walk you through the announcements today to show what is coming.


A new feature in App Volumes is the ability to control the applications you offer to users even if the applications are in one AppStack. With this feature less AppStacks will be needed to deploy the applications.
The neat thing about this is that you can really control who sees which application, you don’t just hide the application for the view of the user (which could be easily breached by browsing there) but it’s really hidden.

AppCapture with AppIsolation

The VMware reference machine where you capture the application is extended with a CLI to offer AppCapture. if you capture a ThinApp application you can deploy an AppStack automatically with the ThinApp package included.
This enables IT departments to integrate both installed and virtualised applications in one AppStack. Of course this was possible before also but with this enhancement the process is automated.

AppScaling with Multizones

In the past there was much debate about the scalability of App Volumes due to the inability or bad designed HA solution. With the 3.0 version a new solution for this will be introduced.
File shares can be paired with the VMware vCenter server to make sure the AppStacks can be reached and imported in the datastores. 
A import services will scan the file shares on a specified interval and import the appstacks to a datastore. Interested to see how this will work in real life, it looks like a ok solution, ok not great. Time will tell.

Unified console

The management console is based on a Linux distri, this is because VMware can’t offer you a Windows machine to host the management server, even if the wanted to.
The integration between products, more to mention than I can write right now, makes the product Enterprise ready.
The new Astro console will be used for application delivery, user environment management and desktop monitoring. Depending on the license you buy certain features will be turned off  or on. This console is still a little bit of a mystery to me, not sure how much of the features are available right now or if we need the old console(s) somewhere, time will tell 🙂
Want to read about project Astro? read it in my previous article.


vRealize operations manager is integrated with App Volumes to offer monitoring of applications. I don’t have more information yet other than it’s integrated with the Enterprise license.


With the 3.0 version of App volumes comes three new licenses, three licenses for we all love to learn about licenses 😉


  • App Volumes
  • User Environment Management


  • App Volumes
  • User Environment Management
  • ThinApp


  • App Volumes
  • User Environment Management
  • ThinApp
  • vRealize Operations for published applications
The standard version will come at 60$ per user, the advanced version is for 1000 seats or more.

Read the official announcement here
Read about the installation of App volumes here

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