VMware App Volumes series: The broker integration

In my last blogs I showed you how the VMware App Volumes manager is installed and how you create your first AppStack. This works fine when you want to test the functionality. 
When however you want to deploy it to your user in a VDI environment you want the AppStack to be available as soon as the users get their VDI desktop. The integration with the broker is the component for that, this blog will show you how the installation is done.
It’s a short blog for the installation is pretty next-next-finish but I thought I show it to be complete. If you didn’t read the previous articles in the blog, perhaps you should.
The first article about the manager is found here.
The second article about the AppStack is found here.

Broker integration

The installation of the broker is the same setup as the previous components, you just select a different option. The option you select is the “Install App Volumes Broker Integration Service”. There is not much to configure here so let’s continue.

Just continue through the wizard to install.

Agree to the license agreement.. or not 🙂

The broker needs to be connected with the manager so that the broker can check with the manager if an AppStack is needed.  Fill in the manager address to connect the two together.
Continue to finish the installation.

The installation will start and after a very short while we’re done.

At this point you have the manager installed and configured. You have to manager setup so that one particular group of users can login and manage the AppStacks.

You have a reference machine configured and the agent installed. You provisioned applications in your first AppStack and assigned it to a user or a group of users.

You now only need to install that same agent in the VDI golden image and recompose the desktop pool to enable App volumes to your users.

What is left at this point? well we could talk about a write-able volume and of course I could show you that the applications are actually there when I log on.  In my next article i will write about the management and show you in a video that the Apps are there.

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