VMware AppVolumes series: the proof of the pudding…

As the English say, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting so I thought after the series about VMware AppVolumes and VMware UEM perhaps it is a good idea to show the working to you.

If you are looking for the series, look at your right, there is a history of the blog articles, May and June is what to look for.

I’ve created a video to show how to assign an AppStack and how to unassign one. In this video you see the effect VMware UEM has on the AppStack connection and why VMware has some work to do.

We ran into some issues with combining both products, one is that VMware UEM never get’s a trigger that the Appstack is connected. This results in no shortcuts being shown for the user until that user will refresh.

At the time of the video I thought it would work at logon but after testing done by me and my co-worker Sven it showed that didn’t work either, VMware UEM is refreshing to early.

There is no trigger action in VMware UEM as of now to detect VMware AppVolumes,  I spoke to Raymond of VMware UEM and he said they were working on a trigger that would detect AppStacks being connected but only in a session, not at logon.

My co-worker Sven wrote a blog about how to setup something that would work and do a refresh at logon just in time to see the AppStack, read about that at svenhuisman.com

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