VMware Horizon View 6.0x to 6.1 upgrade: Connection server

In my previous blog I wrote about the upgrade process of the View Composer to version 6.1, read the blog here. I this blog I will show you how to upgrade the connection servers to version 6.1.
The blog will handle each component apart so that you have a clear understanding of the steps.
Also I advice you the read the VMware documentation to prepare yourself for upgrades, documentation is found here.
The Upgrade has a specific order you have to follow. The order is as follows;
  • Composer service
  • Connection servers one by one – this blog
  • Security servers one by one
  • Agents
  • Clients

Before you start

Open the View administration console and make a backup of the connection servers. Also create a snapshot of the virtual machine to make sure you have a fallback.

Upgrade process

The upgrade process is pretty basic, there is nothing much to tell.. The interesting part will come when we get to the security server and afterwards with the new Cloud pod GUI

Start the upgrade software with Administrative privileges

Accept the license agreement

Make sure the folder shown is the correct one..
After this the upgrade will start, mind you the upgrade will take a while. It deletes all services etc and will re install the complete server.

After the installation the readme is opened and you need to read it carefully, port 4002 between the security server and the connection servers need to be open to enable enhanced message security mode.

One last thing is to do a check if the upgrade was successful so we open the admin console and look for the upgrade Connection server. Again the ALL GREEN should give a hint.

A sneak preview of a coming blog is the new feature, the GUI for managing the Cloud Pod that is now available in 6.1

This is the end of the upgrade, got 7 more connection servers to go… Next blog is the Security server.

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