VMware Horizon View 6.0x to 6.1 upgrade: Client

In my previous blog I wrote about the upgrade process of the View components  to version 6.1. In this blog I will talk about the client.
The blog will handle each component apart so that you have a clear understanding of the steps.
Also I advice you the read the VMware documentation to prepare yourself for upgrades, documentation is found here.
The Upgrade has a specific order you have to follow. The order is as follows;
The ugrade of the client is fairly easy task that really shouldn’t need any blog at all. To be complete in the series that I’m writing lest take a look.

Before you start

The VMware view clients are downloaded from the VMware site, they are found here.
Download the one you need and start the wizard.

Upgrading you client

Start the upgrade wizard and go with the flow. I’ll talk you through the wizards and point at the new features if they are there.

 Like always you need to accept the license to continue.
A new feature arises after this, you can select whether to use IPv4 or IPv6, I’m pretty sure that 99% of you out there still use version 4… but at least now you have a choice.

I’ve deselected the login as a current user for I’m working for customers and my login is different every day. Of course this is useful is I was to install the client for a customer on their devices.

Enter the default connection server string, something like desktop.customer.local or whatever you are using.

Basic stuff like where to put the shortcut… something I still don’t like about VMware is that we have to use the client to get connection. With Citrix users open a webpage and the client will act on that. Much easier to work with.

The installation is finished and the client can start.. As said before really no need to write a blog about but at least now you’ve seen the steps.

After the upgrade has finished the client will start, your previous connections will show up and your ready to get on with work.

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