VMware Horizon View: Paired, secured & error

I was working on a PoC last days with VMware Horizon View 6 and setup all components for the customers when they asked me to deploy desktop in a sub domain. 
The customer is a university and students are not allowed to access any staff resources, wonder why that is 😉
Of course deploying in that sub domain they are bound by firewalls so I gave the customer a firewall overview. If you wonder how you can tell if the firewall connection is opened, check the logging of the agent and you see whether it’s connecting.


There is logging in C:ProgramDataVMwareVDMLogs. they might give access denied at first so I tend to copy them off and read them away from the client. You see the agent failed to connect.

Looking further in the log you notice that it can’t connect over port 4001. so that one was obvious they forgot the port in the firewall. Back to the phone and in less than a minute it was done.

View Administrator

So in the administrator management console the desktops are deployed and they still stay on error. I see customization go well, and the desktops are ready to be used except that the Connection server still can’t talk to them it seems
If you click on the error you see that the status is Paired and secured, both connection servers are listed but it says there is no network connection between the agent and the server.
So back to the agent, I started NetStat -a to see what is happening there. As you can see 4001 is established and 4002 is giving a Syn_Sent status.
Opening this port, 4002, instantly brought the agents to available.. 
Yes it’s in the KB, yes I should have read that first 🙂 Just wanted to write this so everybody out there that’s just like me not reading manuals line by line knows what the resolution is.
Good day and good weekend to all of you.

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