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This blog will show you an issues with VMware Horizon View that is very irritating to users.
At a customer site they are experiencing this issue and the only solution they have at this moment is to revert to RDP where the issue is not appearing.

Customer setup

  • The customer has a VMware Horizon View 5.3 environment, they can’t upgrade to 6.2 because of support from a software vendor. 
  • They have a 6.0 and 6.1 test environment also running for test purposes.
  • Clients are at least 3.3 or higher.
  • They use RES Workspace Manager for UEM and RES VDX to start local applications that aren’t supported in a VDI environment.

The issue

So we have two sets of applications, one running in the VDI and one running locally on the endpoint. These applications are normally applications the vendor is not supporting in a VDI environment. 
This is a healthcare organization and they have many apps like that. They use RES VDX to support this setup and it works fine if you use RDP.
So below is a video of the issue, we swapped the heavy local application for something less privacy sensitive, we chose paint.
Paint is running on a local client and provided in the VDI desktop through RES Software VDX, Microsoft Word is running in the VDI desktop.
What you see is that to go to word after I drew something artistic in paint I need to click twice. Same goes for e.g. the start menu, to go there I need two clicks.
Of course this seems minor, for healthcare it’s vital to go fast, you can’t explain to users to click twice or three times to get to an application.

Go to RDP?

What if they go to RDP, we tested it with RDP and the issue is gone. So go to RDP you would say, that’s the bandage to fix it. 
Well with RDP we loose the graphics and the majority of the clients used can only handle PCoIP. Two types of clients are in use, the hybrid one (windows with local apps and a View client) and the zero client (P25) one for the rest of the users.
So RDP is not really an option and would cause to much work, stress and different experience between endpoints they use. 

Upgrade to 6.2?

The backend is not the issue, it seems to be the client that is the issue. We tested this with 5.3, 6.0 and higher and the issues is always there. We’ve installed the latest client and the issues is also there. 
We contacted RES for it’s VDX we use and they checked out everything but as it only seems to occur with PCoIP and not with RDP it’s not their issue, we have to look at VMware.

Bugfix request

The customer and their IT partner (not me) has contacted VMware for this but so far didn’t get high enough in the tree to get a fix. So my blog is to get into contact with someone high enough in the tree to get it fixed. It seems a small thing to make sure the client sees the mouse over movement. Please fix it, friends don’t let friends use RDP in VDI.

Added info:

after the blog I talked to some people including VMware and even though it is a confirmed VMware issue it will not be resolved. The reason, and I can understand that, is that VDX is not the most used application in this world.
VMware would have to do too much work to fix this, it’s not a small thing it seems, for a very limited number of clients. If VDX had more market ground it would have been fixed already.

So once their backlog is done, this will be fixed… 🙂 
Workarounds are to click twice, which is not very friendly but a working solution. The other option is to go to RDP…. I’d go for the double click.

2 thought on “VMware Horizon view – What, I need to click twice?”
  1. I just encountered this issue as well. Minor but super annoying, was hoping you’d have a fix. Super lame that they won’t fix it. 🙁

    1. Just in case anyone else is frustrated by this bug, there are a couple other workarounds:

      * use cmd-tab to switch to the VMware window rather than Mission Control shortcuts (cmd-arrow) or just moving mouse between windows.
      * G to “System Preferences – Mission Control” and unticking “Displays have separate Spaces”, this works but you can’t use full screen mode for VMware (or it takes over both monitors).

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