VMware View Composer, internal error

We’ve all been there, working to get a production environment up and running and suddenly an error. Your mind is swirling to figure out what you changed, what did go wrong how can I fix this?
I had this today, I was working on a VMware Horizon View environment and I just added 5 datastores to the desktop pool (local storage). After a few minutes the customer asked me something and I decided to show him what I did, so I clicked to edit the desktop pool where I just add the storage to.
… and BOOM there is was, an error.
My first reaction was, how can adding datastores cause this error?
The customer reacted like “I had this also, that’s why there was only one datastore assigned.”
To fix it we tried to make a second pool and select the datastores all at once, same error.. hmmm we need our datastores. To find out what was wrong we tried to make a new desktop pool but that failed also.. so where to look? VMware Horizon View doesn’t have a great deal of error messaging but still the only place to look is the event screen.
While looking why composing the new desktop pool failed an error caught my eye, there was a message that the resource was not available. I forgot to make a screenshot but it was a many / error with a relation to the hosts.
That was not possible, all hosts are up and running…. aren’t they?
So we look at the vSphere environment and guess what someone put three hosts in maintenance mode, to save power. After exiting maintenance mode the error went away and life returned to normality.
the moral of this blog:  Never, Never, do maintenance on your hosts in a production environment without making sure they are deselected in the desktop pool configuration.
Just a reminder: it’s only an issue with Local storage, one more reason not to use local storage.

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