VMware Workspace 2.1: Configuration

Last week I wrote a blog about the installation of VMware Workspace 2.1, this week I will go further and show you how to configure the appliance so that you can enable your VMware Horizon View desktops.

Starting configuration

After you’ve setup the appliance you are given the url to access the Workspace. As mentioned in the previous blog please make sure you are using the FQDN and not the NetBIOS name for it will crash your implementation.
After you’ve setup the database and passwords and set the base DN you will be taken to the following webpage. The page has three links on them, the configurator, the admin console and the connector services page.

The Admin Console will show you the dashboard on which you can see basic metrics of the current environment. We won’t be going there right now, there is nothing yet and we have to configure the workspace to get a desktop pool there for our users.

So we go to the third option and logon to the connector admin page.
If you want to enable a VMware Horizon View environment you need to join the domain and map user attributes. If you fail to do these tasks the Horizon View environment will not be added.

So off we go, let’s join the domain.

Mind you that you will use the FQDN to join the domain, here VIR2012.LOCAL because if you don’t you will get the following message. I had some issue with DNS and entered the NetBIOS name to test, instantly I was asked if I wanted to change the hostname which I don’t want to do.

 The error I got was that DNS send out a bad packet, this was due to a NIC enabled but unplugged and DNS having a fight over that it seemed, Disabling the NIC solved this error.

So after DNS worked as it should I joined the domain and next up were the User attributes. A requirement for View to be added is that the userPrincpalName is marked required.

At this point we can enable View pools and go on to setup the desktop pool.

I entered the View connection server and it was resolved, that connection server was a click-click install so the certificates are self signed.. and the View environment is 5.3 I noticed afterwards 🙁

After you set it up you can do a manual sync to get the desktop pools and applications . I ran into a problem there for it kept saying there was nothing to sync. A cup of coffee later I realized that I added a pool but didn’t entitle anyone, problem solved.

You might run into some safeguard issues while setting it up, safeguard checks if the users are compliant with the user attribute mappings. This is fine of course but not in a lab, so I disabled all checks for now.

There is also an option to add published Citrix apps and ThinApps but my lab just stretches that far..got no more memory available to run additional server.

After I setup everything suddenly I was unable to logon with the administrator account. I enabled directory authentication to solve that, it will change the Bind DN under Directory as you might notice.


I did a last sync and went on to the dashboard.

There is the desktop pool, it’s lonely out there but I will add more soon.

hope this gives some insight in how to setup VMware Workspace 2.1, the installation and configuration is so much easier than it once was.

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