VMworld 2013 – EUC

Last week VMworld 2013 took place and even though not much was being presented on End User Computing from the session a bit of information came out. This blog will describe the changes ahead with VMware Horizon View.

Distributed architecture

Today with VMware Horizon View when you have multiple POD’s spread over more than one data center you have to have all your active brokers in one data center. In the other data center you are only allowed to have standby or backup broker active.
When the primary data center goes down you have to manually make sure the backup brokers are becoming the active ones. This is not an Enterprise ready design in my honest opinion, with multiple data centers and POD’s all of them should host active brokers.

At VMworld 2013 in a session about the future or VMware Horizon View they announced a change in this design. After asking what that change would be they commented that they are looking at a management layer above the brokers to make sure the ADAM database is synchronized without issues.

Note: the reason why in the current setup this is not possible is the corruption of the ADAM database over high latency connections.

The extra management layer would make sure the corruption is not possible. The exact whereabouts of how they will built this are not yet clear, hopefully at VMworld Barcelona someone can tell us more.

Smart Card authentication

Authentication with smart cards take place at the connection server with VMware Horizon View 5.2. Authentication for users that connect from externally through the Security server also take place at the connection server. A secure tunnel is created to a specified connection server where users are authenticated.
Several clients of me have complained about this setup for external users are connected to the LAN through a secure tunnel to be authenticated. They assumed that authentication would take place in the DMZ.
At the Expert bar the VMware guy assured my it was a safe tunnel, SSL is safe he said. We’ll nothing is safe and unbreakable was my comment.
Then at a session I suddenly saw a slide that showed the authentication take place at the security server.
So obviously I asked the question whether this was a future change, and so it seemed to be.
How this will be built in the future and when this will be available is unclear to me, hopefully again this will get more body sooner than later.


A small announcement was made around Blast, probably this year Audio will be added to the Blast protocol.
They said when asked that they will try to fit it in in Q4 of 2013.


In the future it will be possible to auto provision VMware horizon View desktops with vCloud Automation Center. Unknown at this point is how this will integrate in the VMware Horizon View infrastructure, will it replace certain components or will it be an addition. If it is an addition how will it integrate, who controls who.
I saw the slide but forgot to ask the questions, still trying to grasp the idea of having a new deployment method of View desktops. Anyone with more information is welcome to tell me what they know. This might mean a huge shift in the infrastructure of VMware Horizon View and perhaps the goodby of Composer. 


One last thing I want to mention is the possibility to use non-VMware brokers for the VMware horizon View environment in the future. This was called a direct connection in the presentation and is useful for customers that have brokers already in their infrastructure.

This is most of the stuff I learned about EUC, there was more but mostly stuff from other vendors.

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