VMworld 2015

With Citrix Synergy and Microsoft Ignite behind us it time to focus on VMworld 2015 in San Francisco. Registration and voting for sessions is open already so there is no time to miss.
I will do my annual blog about what to expect at VMworld in a couple of weeks until the event is there but for now it time you register and don’t let me walk there alone.
What will we see at VMworld this year? 
  • We will hear more about the recently announced Project Enzo, something I’m very interested in myself as it includes Project Meteor and Project Fargo. Also it’s the first step where you see the integration of Airwatch into the VMware products… triggered you enough? register now.
  • Containers, containers, containers… it’s like we are in the shipping business but this year more than ever is about containers. You heard it at Microsoft Ignite, at Citrix Synergy and you will hear about it at VMworld. Take action and learn about containers to not be left behind.
  • and much much more.
These are just two thing that should make you want to go, there is so much more but that would be a blog on its own.
Register for VMworld right here and please vote for my session together with @Wonder_nerd, @SeanMassey and @rubenspruijt here, Search for 5689. You will need a VMworld account to vote.
Some key dates regarding VMworld:
Key VMworld Dates
VMworld 2015 US: 
  • Conference is August 30-September 3, 2015
  • Registration opened May 5th
  • Content Catalog is live June 9th
  • Schedule Builder is live July 21
VMworld 2015 Europe
  • Conference is October 12-15, 2015
  • Registration opens June 9th
  • Contnet Catalog is live June 23rd
  • Schedule Builder is live August 18th
Hope to see you all there, I’m the guy with the Citrix bag, just to make sure you see me well. Don’t hesitate to talk to me, it’s just a bag 🙂
Look at my sponsor in the left and right bar, they will be present at VMworld. You don’t want to miss them, they rock big time.

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