VMworld Session: 1458 Troubleshooting VMware View 5 deep dive

Have you ever been in contact with VMware support or any kind of support desk, they always ask you for log files, log files and more and more log files.

I’ve been there before and every time I wondered when looking through those files what the lines meant and if I could find information myself that would solve my issue.

On a Friday afternoon a few months ago, @SvenH and me (@RobBeekmans) were sitting with some collegues talking about this and decided to start building a session for internal use.

Working for PQR also means you like to share thing with the world, so after just a few weeks the session evolved into a presentation for the VMUG and we even talked about VMworld. Sitting at the office I decided, without consulting Sven, to submit the session. I think the session is interesting for every one in the field having to deal with troubleshooting.

So we had a schedule, first stop was 1st of June second one later this year at VMworld Barcelona (hopefully).

I started out with creating a simple (..) overview of all communication that goes on in the daily life of a VMware View environment. A small piece of that drawing is shown below.

With that I could see which log files are accessed and work from there.

Finishing that took me some evenings but is fun.. gives you insight in the architecture and communication lines as well as the log files.

Sven on the other hand was working on a presentation for VMUG and later on for VMworld. the VMUG presentation is available for every one to take a look at.

VMware View troubleshooting session VMUG Belgium

You can see where we are going with our presentation, in the coming months more and more information and details will be added so a good deep dive troubleshooting session will be ready for VMworld.

If you are interested in troubleshooting in general of VMware View in particulair please vote for our session.

Session 1458 Troubleshooting VMware View 5 deep diveĀ 

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