VMworld 2015

As VMworld is nearing I thought to write a blog about my agenda for those interested. I just noted that someone also had that idea, Ryan also posted so here is his post:

VMworld USA 2015 – My session choices

So the minute the schedule builder was open I created my agenda, never will make the same mistake as the first visit when I was too late and half my choices were full.
I hope the deep dives are really deep dives, my concern is that some might only scratch the surface which would be a pity.

My Agenda

My focus primarly on End User Computing so my choices are related to that.

Airwatch and NSX

  • EUC5762 : End to end security with Airwatch, NSX and intelligent networking – As we learned in 2014 at VMworld Airwatch will be the umbrella covering many VMware products, NSX will make sure networking will be simplified so it will not be a surprise that I chose this session.
  • SEC5071 : NSX and Airwatch, microsegmentation for enterprise and mobile apps – What to say, need to go.
  • EUC6448 : Group discussion about EMM – not to miss for the obvious reasons, here you learn most if you come prepared.


  • CTO6121 : VMware and the internet of things – iOT is cool and I’m interested what VMware is bringing us, seeing Citrix put all in on Octoblu.

Common gateway

  • EUC6101 : Common gateway – For years we bitched about the access to VMware EUC products and the segmentation. With the common gateway this seems to be solved… but is it? It looks to me like one of the hot topics at VMworld.

Identity manager

  • EUC6105 : What’s new with VMware Identity manager – I’m interested in security and VMware adding a identity manager to their productline is something I need to know more about.


  • INF4946 : vSphere 6 security deep dive, certificates and identity – If you read my blogs lately and follow me on twitter you know why I sign up for a session like this, certificates is something most people skip if they can, I think we need to be more aware of security and certificates.

NSX and Horizon

  • SEC5179 : NSX Security for Horizon deep dive – Well NSX is the future when it comes to added security so of course this is a session to attend.
  • EUC5067 : NSX and Horizon reference architecture, deep dive – same as the previous session, you need to know about NSX and Horizon in the future… correct, right now.

Enzo, Next-Gen

  • EUC6112 : Next Gen Desktop architecture overview – Well I’m covering EUC for PQR at VMworld, this is right up my street. I guess it will be about Project Enzo and so on.
  • EUC6447-GD : Project enzo and Horizon air with Ken Ringdahl – any group discussion is worth the visit, I wish they would have more group discussion. Project Enzo will be the topic for EUC this VMworld.


  • EUC6225-QT : The future of end user computing


  • EUC6445-GD: Group discussion UEM : Where is VMware heading with UEM and how will it intergrate, this discussion will be the place to ask my questions.
  • EUC5909 : VMware EUC Strategy 2015 and beyond – well this one is obvious, this is the one I need to attend

App Volumes

  • EUC5921 : App Volumes tips and tricks deep dive – interested to see how VMware is doing with the intergration and what work around there are for what we are missing right now.


  • EUC4879 Horizon View storage deep dive – with all vendors around and so many solution around, this might be an interesting session. I wondering how deep they go with this

Operation management

  • NET5187 : What’s new in operation management for NSX and networking – not really my thing but I run into it more often and need to learn.


Well we need to make choices and at the end these three sessions are left over, I wish to attend them but they are conflicting with important other sessions. I find it amazing that most sessions are a one time only session. I think at least group discussions should be done more often for they are so important. 

  • NET5395: Technical deep dive info DAAS deployments with NSX –
  • EUC6449-GD : vIDM: VMware Identity manager –
  • EUC5791 : Advanced EMM, solve you top 10 problems –


Now you know my schedule, the rest of the time I’m on the floor talking to vendors and writing articles about them. If you find me and have a topic to discus I’m always in for a coffee and talk 🙂

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