VMworld2015 Cloud Pod Architecture for RDSH Apps

At VMworld during the keynote of Tuesday new enhancements to the Cloud Pod architecture are announced that allows RDSH application to be published through a Cloud Pod.

What is Cloud Pod?

Quickly looking back to what is a Cloud Pod.
A Cloud Pod is what VMware designed to ensure that customers could run multiple Pods in different data centers and connect both of them to create one large environment. Without the Cloud Pod you had two Pods each in one data center because the LDAP database couldn’t sync across a WAN without the risk of being corrupted.
With the Cloud Pod a new layer was added that took care of the synchronisation. At first you only could assign VDI desktops to the cloud pod .


With the new announcement you can assign RDSH applications over a Cloud Pod to user ensuring that you can use VDI or RDSH as a workspace for users.

So this week will learn of there are things that don’t work and what the roadmap is for new features. keep your eye on my blog for more news.

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