VMworld2015: Composer for RDSH

At VMworld 2015 VMware announced that now it’s finally possible to use composer to deploy RDSH hosts. Before you had to deploy RDSH host manually or through your own deployment method.


RDSH host offer the SBC solution to VMware as you know it from Citrix and Microsoft. With RDSH hosts you can offer shared desktops or published applications to users that don’t need that much resources.
If you look at TCO RDSH is far more economical than VDI is. So with customers if there is an option you would look at RDSH first before offering VDI. 


Composer is used in VDI environments to deploy VDI desktops, pooled or non-pooled. with composer the deployment of desktops is automated, you assign a “golden image” and a snapshot of the image is deployed.
This was not possible with RDSH so far, an RDSH host had to be deployed manually and be added to the farm afterwards. This was not that handy if you had an Enterprise environment with hundreds of servers.
So at VMworld 2015 VMware announced Composer for RDSH, which is a good step towards more management. 
Can’t wait to test it together with the other new features in Horizon 6.2

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