VMworld2015: Horizon 6.2 File type association

At VMworld VMware announced a new version of file type association for Horizon 6.2.

File Type association

What is file type association? File type association is what Citrix had for years already. When you work with published applications you want them to start when you click on a file that could be opened with one of them. 
Let’s give an example, if you publish Adobe Acrobat for instance you would want every PDF file on your computer to be opened with the published Adobe Acrobat application. Your local computer perhaps even got no Acrobat installed at all.
To accommodate that the Horizon Client needs to be able to control the file type association. So far published apps didn’t have that ability and the client couldn’t take care of that.

Horizon 6.2

With Horizon 6.2 file type association is a fact, expanding the use cases of Horizon 6.2 further and further. What does it offer:
  • Approved file extensions will launch an appropriate RDSH application
  • Seamless user experience
  • Data Compression
  • Encryption (SHS256)

There is one limitation, it will only work with a Windows client for now.

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