VMworld2015: HTML Access to Cloud Pod

At VMworld 2015 Tuesday, the EUC keynote, VMware released a new feature that will help users connect to resources without access to a Horizon View client.
Until now you needed the VMware Horizon View client to connect to a cloud Pod enabled environment. If your environment is not cloud Pod enabled you have the option to use HTML access but with a cloud Pod that option is not.
HTML access is important for not at all computers do you have the option to install a client, kiosk workplaces for instances are closed computers where you only have Internet acces. If you want to connect to a VDI/RDSH resource you need web access with a client.

HTML Access

VMware announced today that HTML access to Cloud Pod is available. This will bring the resources to those use cases that have no possibility to install applications.
At this moment it’s not know to me what features are there, this week will be about finding out how far HTML access is offering features to really work for users.
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