Discussion article: VMware monitoring solutions

VMware offers vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) as their monitoring solution. If you, like me decide to use vROps for monitoring you’re in for a bit of a quest. Let me show you in this article what I ran into while working with a customer selecting a monitoring solution.
Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome for I’m far from an expert in vROps.


A customer, a medical organisation, asked us to help them with selecting a monitoring solution that would lift their IT service to a higher level. The idea is to build two PoC’s side-by-side and configure all products similar. Differences in products are shown instantly and are written down. at the end of the project all differences are collected and the best fitted solution is found.
Sounds like a lot of work? it is, and it’s hard to build side-by-side without hindering each other. Two products were chosen by the customer to put in battle.
  • eG Innovation – eG Enterprise
  • VMware vROps
Together we decided which delivery service/chain we are testing the products against.
Two chains were put together, one medical application delivery chain that is used for life monitoring patients and one for the core application being accessed through a VDI Desktop.

VMware vROps

So today I started with the implementation of VMware vROps. First job was to setup VMware vROps, so we download the ova file and installed it.. nothing funny there.
After the initial setup and configuration of data sources (Active Directory) and importing users to logon to the management console we setup the vCenter connection.
Next up we took a look at the delivery chain and tried to create an overview of how to use vROps there. We were looking if we could use vROps only and if we needed to add management packs, extensions or other products.
My drawing is down here.

vROps versus Hyperic

With VMware vROps 6.1 Operating system and application monitoring is available within vROps. There is no need to use VMware vRealize Hyperic anymore so it seems, but is that the case? I can’t find any confirmation on this, if you have details please let me know.
The monitoring of Microsoft SQL and AD will need an Enterprise management pack it seems. I’m not sure this management pack is the equivalent of the Hyperic one… any ideas are welcome.

Log Insight versus Operations Insight

With VMware Log Insight I’m even more confused..
You got VMware Log Insight but also VMware Operations Insight, at least it’s listed as a product.
VMware announced somewhere in 2014 that they would integrate vROps and Log Insight to Operations Insight to offer a more effective solution. Looking at product page it’s a product. Looking at the download page it’s like it used to be, both products are separate downloads still. 
Perhaps I misread the blog and they never were intended to be integrated but it’s pretty confusing. If anyone is walking at VMworld in Barcelona tomorrow could you ask this question, I’m interested in the answer.
For now I deploy both vROps and Log Insight and integrate both of them so monitor all components in my diagram. I will delete Hyperic from the diagram and monitor the operating systems and applications from vROps.
I’m wondering if this is the best setup considering the delivery chain shown in the beginning.
I’m also wondering how to monitor physical machines the best way with this solution. One thing to monitor there is reading log files to see if e.g. RS232 connections are successful. 


One last note, I can’t seem to find a way to monitor the Infoblox DNS solution, are there options to do so or will it be a blank spot in the monitoring solution?
It’s a new area for me and that takes time to get used too, if you see an error in my thinking or drawings please correct me. I can take it. 🙂

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