Feature request VMware VRealizeOps: multi-widget interaction

A quick blog about something I ran into while building a PoC with VMware vRealize Operations Manager, called vROps after this.
When you build dashboard you start with selecting the widgets you want to see in the dashboard. Let’s assume you want to see the health with a weather map so that you see the overall health of an application together with all the components that make up the application.
Here we have 10 of these applications, one more important than the other but each vital to the operations of the hospital. So we want to have a dashboard that shows the most critical application like below. 

Once we click on one of the colored boxes in the weather map, whenever they change color from green to yellow or red, we want to see e.g. the alert list or a relation overview. With that we can determine what is happening and if we need to run somewhere to fix things.

If you look at the screenshots you might see the issue I’m facing, as far as I know (hope I’m wrong in this) you can only select one widget to send that to the next widget. so I can select one health weather map to send data to the alter list. This would mean that for each health weather map I need to create an alter widget. 
For an efficiency perspective that’s a waste of dashboard space. I want one widget with the details and fill that up when need regardless of the source.

I created a dashboard with the object relationship for there were no alerts and to test it. As you can see I select the health1 widget to send data to the object relationship widget. 
So I clicked on one of the green boxes and the relationship of that object showed below. 
But when I click on the green boxes in the other health widget I won’t see it there, there is no way I can select that to also been shown in the relationship widget.
So VMware could you add this functionality so that multiple sources can be used to one target widget? that would make the tool more usable in situation like mine right now.
If I was mistaken and this is possible, please let me know… never to old to learn.

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